How to Build a Simple Electric Chair

Since I did most of these projects a few years ago... I don't have any pictures to walk you through. I will try my best to give as much detail as possible.

Materials: change to suit your needs!


Step 1: Begin by building the actual chair itself... I made a standard chair (literally, nothing fancy but could be enhanced.)

Step 2: Using the 2x4's create the back, arms, legs, and seat of the chair (simple enough so if you need some more detail... e-mail me, this photo should do though.)

Step 3: To go the cheap way... use the chicken wire and staple two layers on the back of the chair. This will add more support and give it a different look.

Step 4: Now, take the blue smerf pipe, using a heat gun, bend the pipe to give a 'U' shape.

Step 5: Using the clamp light, feed the cord thorough the pipe (I had to cut the plug and then attach it again with wire crimps.)

Step 6: Attach one end of the pipe to the back of the chair with a pipe clamp (little 'U' shaped strap, found in the electrical department of any home improvement center.)

Step 7: Pulling the lamp wire tight so that the light is held by the pipe, staple it tight and run it down the back of the chair.

Step 8: Unpack the egg strobe from the box and install it... it is easier to set the speed now (kind of slow, not too fast.)

Step 9: Stuff the costume (your choice, either bright orange jumpsuit or a striped prisoner outfit) with some (a lot of) plastic bags or your stuffing of choice.

Step 10: To save time, stuff his upper body with a couple of pillows and his arms with bags. Use leather straps to tie down his arms and add feet and hands... and you are done!!!

Step 11: For his face I picked up a scary looking mask from Target and wrapped it around an old Soccer ball that I stoped using a long time ago. Then I attached the ball to the back of the chair with a couple of screws.

Now, just add some sound effects and turn on the strobe and you're all done. You can add a remote controlled switch to turn it on just as kids walk by and watch them jump back 10 feet!

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