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Animated Halloween Screen Saver Animated Halloween ScreenSaver
This Animated Halloween Screensaver features walking creatures and flying ghosts which will haunt your screen! Includes background sound fx as well.
Spooky Halloween Screen Saver Spooky ScreenSaver
Animated characters fill the screen along with sound fx. Changes scenes about every 2 minutes so you always see something different. Has advertisement for screensaver software in the beginning.
Jack-O-Lantern Screen Saver Jack-O-Lantern ScreenSaver
Pumpkin face constantly changes to make new faces. Fades in and out to reveal a new face. Message in the end prompts for a donation.
Halloween Haunting Screen Saver

Halloween Haunting ScreenSaver
Floating skulls or pumpkins bounce around the screen. You control the speed as well as the the sound effects. Has no ads! From

Gothic Halloween Screen Saver Gothic Halloween ScreenSaver
Get ready for this creepy screensaver. Features a spooky background with floating ghosts and subtle sound fx.
Hells Gate Screen Saver Hells Gate ScreenSaver
Animated halloween screensaver with creepy characters walking through a graveyard. Lets you control what creatures roam as well as what sound fx to play. Demo Version with nag screen. $9.95 to register.
Grave Yard Screen Saver Grave Yard ScreenSaver
Flying Witches, ghosts, and cats will haunt your screen with this spooky screensaver.
Halloween Flame Screen Saver Flame ScreenSaver
Orange particles shoot across your screen with this flame like screensaver. Not really intended for halloween but still really cool.
Ghouls Delight Screen Saver Ghouls Delight ScreenSaver
This screensaver is has got it all -- good graphics and animations. Let your screen fill with various halloween graphics and spooky sound fx. From RISoftSystems.
'Flying Skulls Screen Saver Flying Skulls ScreenSaver
Animated bouncing skulls are what this screensaver is all about. Customize it by choosing how many skulls you want and how fast they move. From
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